Group Program Term 1 2021 (January-March)

We are delighted to be resuming some of our group programming for Term 1 2021!

Because of COVID restrictions there are changes of venue for some groups and stricter limits on enrolment numbers overall to ensure everyone’s well being, physical distancing and other health and safety measures will be observed.

We are so looking forward to getting together face to face.  There are still limited spots available in Tai Chi and Yoga in a Chair.    Please check your group for any changes of venue or time and of course give us a call with any questions 024782 5133.

Save the date!

Annual General Meeting via Zoom


Wednesday October 28th at 3pm


Please RSVP by calling 4782 5133

Welcome to our new ‘baby’, EViE – Ending Violence, Improving Equality

EViE is a Primary Prevention of Domestic Violence Project led by Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre.  EViE aims to promote gender equality by providing easy access to resources and entertainment with positive gender messages through social media. EViE also works locally to progress gender equality through community action and community partnerships.
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Physical Distance not Solitude

We wanted to let you know that the Women’s Health Centre is offering a way of supporting you and maintaining your social wellbeing by phone.
If you are in self isolation or impacted by the social gathering restrictions due to COVID19 you can connect to our friendly staff us on 4782 5133 and we will offer you an appointment to talk on the phone.

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We are still trying to find appropriate classes to send you links to but in the meantime you might like to try these mindfulness exercises.

Mindful breathing for one minute.
Lower your eyes and notice where you feel your breath. That might be the air going in and out at your nostrils or the rise and fall of your chest or stomach. If you can’t feel anything, place your hand on your stomach and notice how your hand gently rises and falls with your breath. If you like, you can just lengthen the in breath and the out breath or just breathe naturally. Your body knows how to breathe.

Focus on your breath. When your mind wanders, as it will do, just bring your attention back to your breath. You might like to say ‘thinking’ when you notice your thoughts and just gently shepherd your attention back to your breath.

This can be done for longer than one minute. However, even for one minute it will allow you to pause and be in the moment. Or you might just like to breathe out stress on the out breath and breathe in peace on the in breath.

Loving-kindness meditation.
For one minute, repeat ‘May I be happy, may I be well, may I be filled with kindness and peace.’ You can substitute “you” for “I” and think of someone you know and like, or just send love to all people.

Best wishes and stay well



The Blue Mountain’s Women’s Health and Resource Centre acknowledges the Darug and Gundungurra people as the traditional custodians of the land on which we work.

BMWHRC supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart and acknowledges that sovereignty was never ceded, Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land

Click on these links for more information on the Uluru Statement from the Heart :

Uluru Statement from the Heart Website

BMWHRC Acknowledgement Page

(Painting by Gamillaroi woman, Elly)









Pre Natal Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga starting Monday February 3rd from 11am.

Class includes gentle yoga exercises, breathing, relaxation & visualisation techniques to help prepare body & mind for birth. Suitable for women 13 weeks onwards into their pregnancy.

$100 for the entire course and bookings are essential, call 4782 5133


Photography for beginners with Sue Lightfoot

Photography Group for women with Sue Lightfoot.

Starting Thursday 23rd January from 12noon.

$25 for the group and aimed at beginners or those wanting a refresher on taking photos with a digital camera. Basic photography skills with weekly challenges. Fun and interactive but you will need you own digital camera.

Bookings are essential, call 4782 5133


Mum’s & Bub’s Yoga Group

We have a new Mum’s & Bub’s yoga group starting Monday February 3rd from 10.45am

$100 for the group and bookings are essential, call 4782 5133


Bush Fire Safety, Help & Information

Please find following lots of places to get more information or help during our bush fire season.

But please remember we have been in this situation before so please try to stay calm, consider your fire safety plan and what you will do in an emergency and where you will go.

There are Neighbourhood Safer Places listed on the RFS website…/neighbourhood-safer-places

Thanks to the Blue Mountains Firewatch Facebook page who have put together the following useful links that you might find helpful.

Important Links
FACEBOOK PAGES (Web pages and apps below)

NSW Fire Official:
Fire & Rescue NSW:
RFS Commissioner:
NPWS park closures and hazard reduction burns:

Blue Mountains Official:
Police Rescue:
Blue Mountains City Council:
Blue Mountains Bushfire Recovery:

Local Brigades:
Mt Riverview:
Valley Heights:
Wentworth Falls RFS:
Wentworth Falls Fire & Rescue:
Leura Fire & Rescue:
South Katoomba:
Blackheath/Mt Victoria:
Megalong Valley (no Facebook yet):

NSW Emergency Journalism (i.e unofficial):
NSW Bushfire Info:
NSW Incidents:
NSW Incidents Weather:

Blue Mountains Journalism:
Blue Mountains Gazette:
Blue Mountains Bushfires (journalism):
Radio scanner:

Blue Mountains Fire Recovery:
Jericho Road (Presbyterian Social Services):
Catholic Care Blue Mountains:
Winmalee Neighbourhood Centre:
As The Smoke Clears book:

Blue Mountains Social:

Other Blue Mountains Fire Watch pages

Fire Danger Ratings – Blue Mountains:


Current Incidents:
Google Mirror of Current Incidents:
Total Fire Ban & Current Fire Danger Map:
RFS fire planning videos and news:
Join the RFS:
PDFs, photos and linescans:
Bushfire Household Assessment Tool:
NSW RFS firefighters pocketbook:…/nsw-rfs-firefighter…/id872370884……

Fires Nears Me – Mobile Devices
Android App:
iPhone App:…/a…/fires-near-me-nsw/id370891827…
Mobile Website:

My Fire Plan
Android App:…
iPhone/iPad App:

RFS Twitter (BM):
RFS Twitter (NSW):
RFS YouTube:

Animals/Pets in Emergencies
Australian Veterinary Association – Animals and Natural Disasters

RSPCA NSW – Disaster Management Plan…/owni…/disaster-management-plan

NSW RFS – Prepare Your Horse for a Bushfire…/Prepare-your-horse-for-bush-fir…

NSW DPI – Pets & livestock…/…/community

RSPCA AUSTRALIA – How to prevent heatstroke in hot weather for pets.

WIRES NSW – Helping wildlife during bushfires & other extreme weather events


NSW Traffic:
iPhone/iPad App:…
Android App:…
Mobile Website:

Blue Mountains Official:
Blue Mountains City Council:
Blue Mountains Bushfire Recovery:

Red Cross REDiPlan

Twitter List

Building, Rebuilding, Renovating
Fact sheet:…/pu…/building-in-a-bush-fire-area
Planning for bushfire protection:…/Complete-Planning-for-Bush-Fire…
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessment Kit:…/BAL-Risk-Assessment-Application…
Building in bushfire prone areas:
Landscaping for Bushfire: Garden Design and Plant Selection:…/1c6084e1-159e-a820-b0b3-6dc077…

Satellite and Topographic Maps, Other Fire Maps
Sentinel Hotspot Mapping:
NSW maps and satellite photos:
FireWatch Pro Landgate – Current hot spots and past two years fires, with a lot of other detailed layered information:
MyFireWatch Langate – Same as FireWatchPro above but less detailed information:

ESRI Layered Map (2013 only)…

Radio Scanners
Blue Mountains RFS Radio scanner:
Blue Mountains RFS GRN radio scanner app:…
Aviation scanner:

National Parks
NPWS closures:…/FireClosure.aspx

Mount Wilson and Mount Irvine Community

Fire Danger Ratings explained:…/…/fire-danger-ratings.pdf
Four day forecast Fire Danger Ratings:…/forecasts/fire-danger-ratings.shtml
Fire Danger Index map:
Forecast and Observations (e.g. Katoomba):…/central-tablelands/katoomba…/k…/13062/weather-forecast/13062
Heatwave Forecast Service:
BMCC Automatic Weather Stations:

Bushfire Science and Land Management
NSW Office of Environment & Heritage:
Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre:
Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC:
Introduction to bushfire science:
Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council:
Case Study burning in the Blue Mountains bushland urban interface:…/default-…/burning/case-study-1.pdf…
Blue Mountains Fire Ecology:…/prote…/DECCW20100941.pdf
The Conversation – bushfire:
Nature Conservation Council (NSW):…/bushfire-program/
Fire and Restoration Network discussion forum:
University of Melbourne fire ecology and biodiversity blog:

Other States Fire Services
Victoria Country Fire Authority: CFA
Landscaping for Bushfire:…/landscaping-for-bushfire/
Australian Capital Territory:
South Australia Country Fire Service:
Queensland Rural Fire Service:…/Prepare.Act.Survi…/Index.html
Northern Territory:…/Community-fire-safety/Bushfire-…
Western Australia:…/fire/bushfire/Pages/default.aspx

Getting a better nights sleep for women

A 5 week course to help you learn strategies to get a better night’s sleep.

Starting Wednesday October 30th from 10am to 12noon.

$25 for the course and bookings are essential, call 4782 5133 to book your place


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