Massage Therapy

The Centre’s massage therapists are trained in a variety of styles including remedial and Swedish.

Massage therapy is used to treat a range of conditions including muscular-skeletal pain, stiffness and arthritis. Massage is excellent for relaxation and stress management.

On your first visit the massage therapist will take your health history and will assess your health needs, any pre-existing health issues and the areas that need attention.  Let her know if you have any particular health problems or concerns.

Massage is available Wednesdays and Fridays.

Appointments are limited. You can access up to 4 appointments each six months of the calendar year (i.e. January to June and July to December).

Call for an appointment on Wednesday or Friday, four weeks in advance.

Fees are charged on a sliding scale and range from $30 for holders of a Health Care Card and pensioners to $40 for all other clients




Click on the following link to download our brochure :

Massage Brochure 2019