Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service

Blue Mountains Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (BMWDVCAS)


In August 2012 BMWHRC was successful in securing funding from NSW Legal Aid for the Blue Mountains Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (BMWDVCAS).

BMWDVCAS covers Katoomba, Lithgow, Bathurst and Mudgee Courts providing court support to women seeking protection from domestic violence through the legal system.

As well as providing direct assistance to women and children seeking protection from domestic violence through the Courts, the WDVCAS staff can provide information about domestic violence and how to get protection as well as referrals to available services across the region.


Staff are located in Lithgow and can be contacted on either of the following phone numbers : (02) 6352 2052 and 0405 901 207 or email wdvcas@bmwhrc.org

Apart from providing court advocacy and support to women attending court as well as providing information and referrals to women through a telephone follow-up program in partnership with Police in each area, the wonderful BMDVCAS staff are making in-roads into community networks in each of these areas to enhance service delivery, coordination and referral options for women and children experiencing domestic violence.

The Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (WDVCAS) assists women and children who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence. It is a free service funded by Legal Aid.


WDVCAS helps women and children to :

  • Obtain a Apprehended Domestic Violence Order (ADVO’s)
  • Understand the legal response to domestic violence.
  • Get assistance, advocacy and support at court.
  • Access counselling and other services.
  • Obtain legal referrals for family law and victim’s compensation.


Who can use our service?

WDVCAS is for women and children who live in and around the Blue Mountains, Lithgow, Bathurst and Mudgee areas.


Domestic Violence includes :

Physical violence – hitting, pushing, punching, strangling or hurting you in any way.
Emotional or psychological abuse – name calling, put downs or other undermining behaviour.

Intimidation or threats – threatening to harm you, your children, themselves or anyone you are close to including pets, stalking.

Sexual – sexual assault, sexual coercion, unwanted sexual behaviour or contact.

Financial – denying you access to money or controlling your finance.

Social – isolating you from friends, family and support networks. Preventing you from making decision for yourself.


How can we assist?

Professional support and understanding.

Information about domestic violence, ADVO’s, criminal charges and the court process.

Preparation for court.

Advocacy before court, at court and after court.

Safe rooms at Katoomba, Lithgow, Bathurst and Mudgee local courts.

Organise interpreters.

Appropriate referral to support services such as counselling and accommodation services.

Referral to legal assistance for family law, care and protection and victim’s compensation.


What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is an abuse of power perpetrated mainly (but not only) by men against women, both in relationships and after separation. It occurs when one partner attempts to physically or psychologically to dominate and control the other. Domestic violence takes a number of forms. The most commonly acknowledged forms are physical and sexual violence, threats and intimidation, emotional and social abuse and economic deprivation. Domestic violence can involve a continuum of controlling behaviour and violence, which can occur over a number of years before and after separation.

Australian heads of Government National Domestic Violence Summit, 1997


Contact us :

Blue Mountains WDVCAS

PO Box 299, Lithgow 2790

Phone : (02) 6352 2052   (02) 4782 6450 : (02) 6352 5445

Mobile : 0405 901 207

Email : wdvcas@bmwhrc.org


BMWDVCAS is auspiced by the Blue Mountains Women’s Health & Resource Centre

124 Lurline St, Katoomba  NSW  2780

Phone (02) 4782 5133     Fax : (02) 4782 6450


Useful contacts :

Emergencies                      000

Katoomba Police              4782 8199

Lithgow Police                   6352 8399

Bathurst Police                  6332 8699

Mudgee Police                  6372 8599


Domestic Violence Line

24 hour counselling, support and emergency referral

1800 656 463       or            8745 6999


Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line

Rural free call

1800 810 784


Wirringa Baiya Aboriginal Women’s Legal Centre

Free legal services for Aboriginal women

1800 686 587


Elizabeth Evatt Community Legal Centre

1300 363 967       or            4782 4155


West Connect Domestic Violence Services

Wimlah (Women and Children’s refuge, Katoomba)

4732 2318


Lithgow Women and Children Crisis Centre

6353 1277            or            Intake 6351 2230


Bathurst Women and Children’s Refuge

1800 738 303

If you are experiencing a crisis and need to talk to someone please call Lifeline on 131 114.


Other helpful numbers :

Family Planning Association Health line 1300 658 886

Kids Helpline    1800 551 800

Medical Hotline            1800 022 222

Mental Health Crisis     1800 650 749

Parentline         1300 130 052

Link2home         1800 152 152

Pregnancy Options       1800 003 707

Rape Crisis Centre       1800 424 017

Suicide Call Back Service         1300 659 467