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Who we are, what we do & why it's important.

Blue Mountains Women’s Health and Resource Centre was established in 1981 to provide health services to women in the Blue Mountains. Since then we have expanded to provide a wide range of health and support services, groups and activities.


The Centre is managed by a community-based management committee made up of experienced & passionate women from the community who contribute their time on a voluntary basis.


Our service prioritises, women* who experience health disadvantage who reside within the Blue Mountains and Lithgow LGA (in addition to the Hawkesbury). This target group aligns with the NSW Health Framework for women’s health 2019. This includes meeting the needs of women of who are: 

  • Aboriginal  (First Nations); 

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD); 

  • Lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer;

  • Living with a disability; 

  • Living in rural or remote areas; 

  • Experiencing socio economic disadvantage; 

  • Carers.

Our centre exists to redress health disadvantages women* face within a health system that has historically prioritised & focused on men. We work to create equitable access by promoting women’s health, well-being, rights and dignity.

In addition we also:

  • Strive to have culturally appropriate services and programs, health promotion and community development activities.

  • Provide assessment, information, advocacy and referrals.

  • Involve women in the community when curating Centre services & offerings.

  • Lobby decision-makers to ensure women's health & wellbeing is made a priority.

  • Have effective governance, policies, systems, staff, training, planning, evaluation and financial controls.


We are always working to be open, ethical and accountable.


Our professional staff  provide a range of health and social services including free women’s health clinics, counselling, massage therapy, information and referral. We provide a wide range of women’s groups and run key events during relevant dates throughout the year. 


We aim to make the Blue Mountains Women's Health & Resource Centre as accessible and welcoming as possible but let us know if you are having difficulty accessing our services, or would like to make a suggestion.

*our centre is working hard to be inclusive & safe for our Trans & Non-binary communities. If you have any questions or concerns about if our centre is right for you please don't hesitate to get in touch

We welcome your input and feedback.


The Blue Mountains Women's Health & Resource Centre is governed by a Management Committee. The current members are:

Maree Cairns - Chairperson
Kerry Mumford - Vice Chairperson
Helen Gillam - Treasurer

Ruth Myers - Secretary
Megan Thomas - Committee Member
Lesley Sammon - Committee Member
Jude Sayers- Committee Member
Aunty Bev Eaton- Committee Member
Tracey Keevers-Keller - Committee Member
Aaisha Slee
- Committee Member

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